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8/17/14 11:27 pm

so im on my moms account for our verizon plan bc we're having issues, she's the account owner but i have my own account for my number. she has access to everything i think? and you can send messages from the internet to other phones under your number and rn i can see all her texts (not gonna look bc id feel weird) but i HOPE TO GOD SHE CANT SEE MY TEXTS bc i always semi-sext w my bfs and send underwear pix

im pretty sure she has to log in to my account cuz i dont see any menu options to switch to my person phone's messages but oh god i hope she cant see anything

5/5/10 09:53 pm


11/29/09 11:56 am

friends only!  comment and tell me how you found me and i'll probably add you!  also, leave your AIM if you ever wanna talk.  comments are screened.
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